Go back to the very beginning of your relationship. Do you remember that first day you fell for this person?  How were things like? Did it feel like you were living a fairytale? Like this individual was the only person you could think about? It seemed like everything you did and everyone you saw, somehow reminded you of this person. That my friends is what you called being lovestruck.

We’ve all been down that road. I know I definitely have. For some it can last longer than others. Some may still be in that phase and to those individuals; I say, enjoy it. It’s an amazing feeling to be in love. It’s like you’re on cloud nine and everything seems to be absolutely perfect. Nothing seems to go wrong, and you go about living your life in such a happy mood. I don’t know what it is about love that makes people so crazy (a good kind of crazy though).

But I honestly feel like it’s so hard to be in a relationship in today’s society. You go on social media and see twitter accounts dedicated to couples. Pictures and quotes everywhere showing what a perfect relationship would be like. It sucks because when individuals (mostly girls) see these things, in their minds they have these expectations of what they want in relationships. You see all these posts of couples and you can’t help but feel happy for them, but at the same time you envy them for what they have and you don’t. You see, that’s the problem. We tend to always want more. Wanting more isn’t a bad thing because it shows that you want to grow, but comparing what you have to what others have and not being satisfied with what’s in front of you, then that’s when you’re being selfish. Every relationship is different just like every person on this planet is different. That’s why we are called individuals. You can’t expect your relationship to be just like ones out of fairy tales or movies, although I think everyone can agree that it would be nice to have our very own Noah Calhoun. But that’s totally besides the point. What I’m trying to say is that when you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t be comparing. You should be grateful that you’ve found this amazing individual who you loves you just as much as you love them. Finding that special someone can be the most beautiful experience ever.

Embrace relationships, but don’t underestimate them. No relationship is perfect. That lovestruck phase you were once in will eventually fade once you get deeper into the relationship. Don’t get me wrong, the lovestruck feeling will creep back and there will be times when out of the blue you fall even more in love with this individual which is a good thing. But you will have break ups and make ups, or maybe not the make up part. Like I said every relationship is different. Some aren’t just meant to be and that’s just part of life. Don’t take breakups as if they are the end of the world and especially don’t blame yourself if things didn’t turn out they you expected. That’s the beauty of relationships; anything can happen… If you go into a relationship with an open mind instead of being biased and thinking that this individual will be like those characters in love stories, then you’ll be able to embrace the relationship so much more for what it is and what it has to offer you.

So my lovely readers, remember that being in love is a blessing that life offers us. Don’t be afraid of it, embrace everything that comes with love, from the good to the bad because it truly is a wonderful thing. And also remember to tell your significant other how much you love them every once in a while. I promise you it will put an automatic smile on both of your faces!


Anna Sky x


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I'm just another girl with a passion for writing, eager to voice these thoughts to the world.

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