In the Darkness

Do you know what it’s like to wake up every single day with a fear that your loved one will leave? You no longer fear your own death. You feel obligated to always be with that person because you are afraid that one small thing may set them off. It’s scary to think that in a split second, there are individuals out there that decide to take their lives. They allow depression to take over their mind and body. They let depression win.

There is an individual in my life that suffers from chronic depression. At the beginning, it seemed like nothing was wrong with this individual. This individual seemed happy and full of life, which I believed was true until I became closer to this individual…

Imagine seeing someone you love in a depressive mood almost all the time. Maybe when you are with them, they put on an act, and they make you believe that everything is okay, when in fact, on the inside, they are hurting. On the inside, the depression is taking over their mind. But you can’t tell the difference because you may not know that your loved one suffers from depression since they haven’t told you or they haven’t even accepted the fact that they suffer from it. Imagine seeing your loved one give up on everything they used to love doing. You know that they have so much potential to do great things, but they just can’t seem to do it because they can’t even find the will power to wake up in the morning. Just imagine hearing your loved one say that they feel worthless, unloved and a burden to society. As much as it may hurt you to hear them say these things, you must stay strong, for their sake. Because as much as it hurts you, imagine how much it hurts your loved one. Depression has led them to believe that they are nothing. Seeing them suffer is one of the hardest things, but at the other end of the spectrum, being someone who suffers from it, is a whole lot worse. Imagine hearing them cry and say that they are weak and can no longer see the point of living. They just want it all to go away, and they believe that the easiest thing to do for it all to go away, is to take their life. 

As tough as it may sound, this is what this individual in my life has to go through every single day

Under many circumstances, many cases of depression go unnoticed. There are individuals that live with depression that don’t want to seek help. They live in the dark, and hide it from the world. But the fact of the matter is, whether it’s a minor or serious case of depression, it’s still an illness. It’s actually more than just an illness; it becomes a mind set. Depression takes over your thoughts, your actions, everything.

For many, they decide not to seek help because 1) they believe there isn’t anything wrong with them or 2) they believe that if they were to tell someone, they would be judged in one way or another. But depression is a very serious matter and many people die from it because they decide not to seek help and they allow the depression to win.

Now, mental illness in general is an illness that I feel many people are still in the dark about in comparison to other illnesses out there. However, mental illness is a very serious matter because there are so many cases that go unnoticed. More people should be aware of the symptoms of mental illnesses, especially depression, because even though you might not be suffering from it, someone you may know might be. If you know someone; a friend or family member that suffer from symptoms of depression, seek help before it’s too late.

Now, this individual in my life is thankfully still alive. Every day, this person is fighting to stay motivated to continue living. It’s scares me to think what my life would be like without this individual. And as much as it may hurt me to see this person suffering, I must stay strong. I fear that I will wake up and this individual will be gone forever and I couldn’t do anything to help. Which is why I decided to write this post. It is my first step to making people aware of the seriousness of depression. It’s my chance to help more people out there be aware, so that they too could save a life.

For those of you that are reading this that have depression or have depressive thoughts, just remember, you are NOT alone! And as much as you may think, there are people that care about you. You are worth it! Like everyone on this planet, you were meant to be here. To someone out there, you mean everything! Don’t let the depression win; please take the first step and get help.



Anna Sky x


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I'm just another girl with a passion for writing, eager to voice these thoughts to the world.

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